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Meet the LE.G.S and make a difference in your teaching and/or life!

Achieve goals, maximize results, enrich your tools, bring joy into learning and find solutions.

LE.G.S’ seminars/webinars designed for educators:

Hands-on LE.G.S workshop is a toolbox for educators full of ready-to-use gamified activities, easily adaptable to suit different needs and levels. It is highly interactive and engaging. (4 modules)

Dancing LE.G.S workshop is an alternative way to teach through movement and dancing and it is full of hands-on, innovative ideas. It is highly interactive and engaging. (1 module)

Gamification in Education seminar will show you how the gamified activities are created, why and how they work in an educational environment. (1 module)

Steady LE.G.S workshop is about NLP in education providing exercises, models, reasons and the rationale. Be an extraordinary educator! Get the maximum results out of your students, communicate and set goals effectively, handle arguments and influence people, learn memory tricks and techniques to cope with anxiety, fear, stress, and challenging situations, boost self-esteem and self-confidence and build a perfect relationship with colleagues, employers, employees and parents. (3 modules)

Flying LE.G.Sworkshop will make you a highly efficient educator. It is about simple, powerful, hands-on language patterns and phrases derived from NLP models that an educator can use to influence and guide learners indirectly, have positive impact and get exquisite, immediate results. “Flying LE.G.S” is designed to reveal participants the secret that will make a huge difference in their teaching and communication skills. It It’s not what we, as educators, say but the way we say it that makes all the difference. Participants will be provided with the rationale behind each phrase, why and how it works, will be given specific examples all drawn from a teaching context and will be offered the opportunity to create their own. (1 module)

“The GA.ME of Learning” seminars/webinars addressed to the public:

This is another cycle of seminars/webinars on Self-Development and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

“A practical guide to handle fears and stress” workshop provides you with ready-to-use techniques to change your mindset, overcome fears, deal with stress and pass from anxiousness and panic to success and balance. (2 modules)

                                                                                   Forthcoming Webinars                                                                                    

“A practical guide to handle fears and stress”: If you wish to attend this approximately 6-hour workshop it will be completed in two days 5/7 and 7/7 approximately 18:15-21:15. The ending time may vary according to the group’s needs. This workshop will be offered at the price of 95 euros.

“Hands-on LE.G.S”: If you wish to attend this 12-hour workshop it will be completed in 4 days on 29/6, 1/7, 6/7 and 8/7, 10:30-13:30. Each of the 4 modules lasts 3 hours and will be offered at the price of 30 euros each (therefore 120 euros for all 4 modules).

“Flying LE.G.S”: This 3-hour workshop is on 2/7, 10:30-13:30 at the price of 35 euros.

“Gamification in Education”: This 2-hour seminar is on 7/7, 10:30-12:30 at the price of 25 euros.

If you wish to attend two or more seminars you will be given a special offer upon request.

Those interested please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or e-mail me at ioanna.ntaidou@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in the Learning Gamification System.

                                                                                           What is LE.G.S

The LE.G.S stands for Learning Gamification System. It is a new, innovative approach to teaching foreign languages through which students learn in a fun way. The LE.G.S is an exquisite resource kit for educators with highly interactive and engaging, fun and motivating, experiential and hands-on activities, techniques, models, theories and exercises blending Gamification, Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A new unique approach to teaching which will surely add value, enrich and change the way you teach!

                                                                                           How it can be applied

The LE.G.S can be tailored to fit different levels and ability groups of students and can be applied to any teaching context. It was initially addressed to teachers of foreign languages yet, the method can easily be adapted, that is, everyone who teaches or conducts trainings can use it.

Learners are being taught all skills speaking, writing, listening, reading, also there is error correction, vocabulary, grammar, ice-breaking and they level up through a variety of hands-on, fun activities which are based on gamification principles and mechanics and include colors and sticky notes, interaction and thrill, motives and goals, teamwork and points and a prize! The LE.G.S applications can be used either in a conversation class or in a year-long regular class and they can fit in pre, while and post stages. The LE.G.S is unique, as your students are, since the activities merge teaching, learning and assessing and can be used to improve both the productive and the receptive skills.

I’ve also been delivering seminars on NLP in education, educational psychology and self-development using the LE.G.S.

                                                                     The challenges – LE.G.S under the Hood

The main aim of teaching is to engage all students all the time and make them active learners who follow the lesson, build on what they learn and feel that they are achieving something!

As an English language teacher I often felt trapped into a rigid way of teaching and I had to face certain challenges. I noticed that all learners need to stand up and stretch their legs every now and then, don’t they? Also, a lot of educators have a hard time drawing students’ attention and keeping them on their toes, regardless of age, and keep them focused and alert. Most students get disengaged, distracted and bored easily. Children and adolescents don’t usually enjoy using books while adults often find technology intimidating and the majority of learners in general get rather tired by the standardized ways of being taught at times. Almost all learners look for excitement and fun, motive and even thrill. The use of boring teaching materials is on its last legs and educators will soon have to find alternative ways to support their teaching.

I also had to find answers to questions such as: 1) How can we, as teachers, involve learners? 2) How can we make our students want to learn and look forward to the lesson? 3) How can we keep our students alert and happy? There is no doubt that unsatisfied learners do not learn much. The answer to all questions lies in teaching through gamified activities. Using the LE.G System students never feel that their leg is heavy to come to the English class because the method is highly engaging and fun resulting in skyrocketing the lesson! … And as Albert Einstein said: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.                                                                                      

      Why you need the LE.G.S

I have been using the LE.G.S since 2011 and the results are impressive. The LE.G.S skyrockets the lesson and offers multiple benefits both to the learners and to the educators. The LE.G System helps you, as an educator, get exquisite results by gamifying the way you teach something. Its activities promote cooperation and inspire team-spirit and commitment as they take place primarily within groups, include all the students actively, are highly interactive and engaging and give learners the feeling of creation, achievement, success and eventually reward through the path of joy, motives, goals, points and finally a prize. This extraordinary method can make you shake a leg as it promotes accelerated learning and differentiation and provides superb practical ideas that enrich the lesson and add value to the way educators teach.  The LE.G System has legs. The more you practice using these amazing activities, the more you will realize its value and the more this happens the more you will feel the need to learn how to create your own activities… As you apply this method, you begin to notice that you are able to get your sea legs in no time and effortlessly. All of these splendid tools instantly make your lesson more productive and teaching highly effective. Once you start applying the LE.G System activities you will see the immediate results of this outstanding method. The LE.G System is the difference that makes the difference in teaching and learning. The more you use it, the more you will begin to understand why it makes you an unforgettable educator. Break a leg!                                                                                 

     History of the LE.G.S

It all began back in 2011 when I travelled to Cambridge to take a course named “Becoming a Teacher Trainer” and learn how to train educators. The director of studies was Jim Scrivener and the course instructor was Silvana Richardson therefore, I was lucky enough to be trained by the best in a multicultural class of nine talented teachers from different countries.

On the 3rd day of class, as we were talking about teaching methodologies, the course instructor mentioned the theories of “Dogme” and “Back to the Basics” and that a good teacher should be able to teach even without the use of technology or a course book. Actually, to successfully complete the course and get our certificate as a “Teacher Trainer” we were asked to create a teacher training lesson using neither books nor technology.

My original response was rather negative. I was troubled and many question marks popped out of my head. It was a natural reaction considering that many teachers fully depend on books and some depend on technology. This got me thinking. To be honest, that day I felt pretty frustrated and trapped into a rigid way of teaching. Back then, I was an EFL teacher at the Hellenic American Union and I thought I had to find a way to teach using alternative channels.

Part of our course in becoming teacher trainers was to learn how to give proper feedback. So, we had to randomly attend other classes, observe other instructors teach and then give them feedback and at the end we were given feedback by our instructor. As part of this procedure, I attended a workshop and the instructor used sticky notes in the lesson. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement.

This is how the idea of using colorful sticky notes came up. The LE.G.S uses the five basic colors of sticky notes both in its activities and in its philosophy.  My mind was full of ideas I got from books, courses, teachers, colleagues, seminars, magazines, the internet etc. Such creative, colorful ideas started bombarding my head, a collection from many years of studying and teaching. I could sense there was something extraordinary growing. I just had to put the pieces together.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Life is an experiment. The more you experiment, the better”. So, when I returned from Cambridge and took a distance from my learning experience there, I thought… why not experiment and try a different way of teaching?! Why not gamify the students’ learning experience? The results were outstanding!

                                                                                           How it evolved

The teacher training lesson I created in Cambridge was a huge success. I got excellent feedback and so when I returned to Greece I decided to use those amazing activities in my classes. I used to teach both adults and adolescents at the Hellenic American union. Everybody embraced my new approach to teaching and kept asking for more and more gamified activities all the time. The activities where gradually categorized into speaking activities, warm-up activities, grammar and vocabulary activities, ice-breakers and so on… and were altered according to the students’ needs.

Using my imagination and knowledge I designed even more activities using colorful sticky notes and a piece of paper. Considering the economic crisis a lot of educators tend to think that books, CDs, interactive whiteboards, software and computers cost an arm and a leg so I took that into consideration. I applied different gamified teaching patterns on my lessons with adults, teenagers and children. I even combined some of the activities with course books, readers, articles and technology.

Based on my studies I started mixing knowledge and elements from psychology and NLP with gamification and the LE.G.S emerged. A whole method stemmed from my need to prepare exciting, interactive, experiential, joyful English lessons without depending entirely on books and technology. And the more I used the gamified activities, the more I could give a leg up on my students and the more this happened, the more I appreciated the value of my method and so did other colleagues.

Then, I started presenting the gamified activities I had created in language schools and international conferences for English language teachers such as TESOL, IATEFL and others and the impact was huge. They loved it. So far, I have delivered 27 presentations in 11 countries and another six are on the way. In January 2018, I began conducting the extraordinary NLP in education trainings which had unbelievable participation and will be continued and enriched constantly.                                                                                          

                                                                                           Who is LE.G.S for:

LE.G.S is addressed to all educators, foreign language teachers and tutors, teacher trainers and directors of studies, language school owners and school owners in general, publishers and EFL material developers, undergraduate and postgraduate language students, speech therapists and psychologists, presenters and those who deliver seminars.

Trainings used to be offered in different cities all over Greece at seminar rooms for the public,  privately at language schools and private schools and online. Webinars prevailed in the after-Covid era.


Ioanna Ntaidou – Learning Strategist, Founder of The LE.G System

Ioanna delivers seminars in the fields of self-development, education, NLP and corporate training and offers 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

She is an educator, a life coach, an NLP trainer and the founder of LE.G.S which stands for Learning Gamification System. Ioanna is a teacher trainer, an English language assessment examiner, an EFL and EFB teacher, an international presenter in conventions worldwide having delivered 26 workshops in 11 countries and published 15 articles so far.

Ioanna is driven by her passion for gamification in learning to constantly design new and innovative teaching patterns and techniques. Her objective is to facilitate the acquisition of soft skills and teaching skills that is why she delivers webinars that are fun, engaging and interactive, using humor and a wide range of effective strategies and tools. Her focus is to constantly increase learners’ abilities, build their self-esteem, boost their self-confidence, enhance motivation and access all learning preferences. She is an expert on NLP in Education. She loves traveling, learning and experiencing new things and is very keen on teaching issues, NLP, self-development and psychology. At the heart of her work is a strong belief in lifelong education and she has developed a growth oriented mindset.

Ioanna has a major in “Business Administration”, minor in “Psychology” and concentration in “Business Management”/”Human Resources Management”. She holds diplomas and certifications in “Neuro Linguistic Programming”-Trainer, “TEFL/TESOL”, “Becoming a Teacher Trainer”, “Teaching Business English”, “Teaching Young Learners”, “Counseling Psychology in Education”, “Counseling Psychology  in Children”, “Marketing Management and Advertising”,  “Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies”, “Teacher Development”, “Methodology in Teaching – Basic and Advanced” and the CETT.

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